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Are you willing to be part of making a great customers experience?

At VIKINGBUS we are focused on the human values, safe environment and a cheerful everyday life for all our employees. 

If you want to work for VIKINGBUS, you must be able to confirm the following qualities: Loyalty, sense of responsibility, reliability and professionals skills. Working at VIKINGBUS will demand individual sense of responsibility, ability to be a teamplayer and flexibility. 



We do not currently have any vacancies, but you are more than welcome to submit an unsolicited application. 

Unsolicited application

Personal data policy

We can share your application with our staff involved in the recruitment and third parties who help us with the process. This also includes recruitment advertisers, recruitment companies that offer personality tests, etc ..

We store your application as well as the other information that you have entered until the recruitment process is completed and in the subsequent period where we believe that your application is relevant to us, but never more than 6 months.

By entering your personal information, you accept:

1. That you have read and understood our personal data policy.

2. That the information you have entered is true and in your honest opinion also the most correct. By this you also understand that if the information does not match, it may cause the application not to be accepted or will not be considered.

3. That you give your consent of your own free will for us to collect and use your information.

For further information about our personal data policy read more here.