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VIP minibus - up to 15 passengers

VIKINGBUS offers professional bus transport for companies and individuals, and our minibuses are tailored for different purposes to meet your specific needs.

Our minibuses come in several variants and are designed for different purposes.

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Wy choose our VIP minibus?

  1. Flexibility and adjustment: Our VIP minibus can be adapted to your needs, whether it is transport between companies, conferences or meetings.
  2. Work-friendly facilities: Create a mobile working environment with tables, coffee, newspapers and more on board so that your employees can work efficiently on the go.
  3. "Begin the meeting at the bus" concept: We offer an unique concept where you can start the meeting in the bus, ideal for companies that need to travel to meetings or conference locations.
  4. Team experience: In our tourist buses, there is great opportunity to have the entire team on board, which promotes a coherent and productive working atmosphere.

Choose VIKINGBUS to meet all your business needs in minibus driving. Contact us today to plan your next business trip and let us take care of your company's transportation requirements.

    The VIP minibus includes:

    • 15 seats.

    • Air-conditioning.

    • DVD system, microphone and CD player.

    • Minifridge.

    • 220v power sockets.

    • The option of catering.

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